What is Silver Plated Jewellery

Plating and polishing of silver jewellery goes a long way in determining its luster. It may have a shine as bright as a polished mirror or may be softly luminous in appearance. Despite being a precious metal, Silver jewelry is much economical and cost effective in comparison to platinum or gold which makes it a favorite of jewelry designers and artisans that intend on creating vivid jewelry at a lower cost. Silver plated jewellery looks great when paired with semi-precious stones like garnets, turquoise, amber etc and they are often set in a silver background to highlight the richness of their colors and their beauty through contrast.

Silver plated jewellery is used extensively in jewellery making. It can be used in making earrings, ring, necklaces, bangles and what not. In order to buy the right kind of silver jewellery it is essential to have a working knowledge of the methods involved in creating different types of silver jewellery. Let’s take a look at some of these


Electroplating is a process during which electricity is used to permanently bond silver atoms to a piece of jewellery made from a metal (base) while it is immersed in a solution. The silver forms a coating over the metal as the electric current is passed through the solution. The coating remains durable despite being thin. In course of time, it can wear away to reveal the metal underneath. However, if properly maintained, it can take years to wear away.

These electroplated items are commercially sold as silver plated items. These items may be stamped with EPS for electroplated silver, EP for electroplate or SP for silver plate. Items that have been plated with sterling silver are marked 925 SP. In an attempt to give it a mirror like finish, sometimes sterling silver jewelry is given a coating of rhodium or fine silver. The rhodium coating is purely a matter of choice and taste and does not affect the quality or value of the piece of jewelry.


In case of rolled or filled silver jewelry, a thin outer layer of silver is applied to a base metal however, what makes these items different from electroplated silver items is the fact that these are pressed and heated to make the silver bond with a common alloy. Filled silver jewellery is usually limited in its size and shape compared to electroplated silver jewellery however it has a thicker layer of silver coated on the base metal.

This process is, however, not opted while making fine silver chains as the process of filling requires a certain thickness of metal which is not suitable for making fine and delicate silver chains.

While purchasing filled silver jewelry, try looking for FS or SF marks that indicate that the jewelry has been silver filled. Just like electroplated pieces of silver jewellery, filled silver jewellery pieces also specify the purity of silver used in plating them. Sometimes, they may also have a stamp that indicates the thickness of the layer of silver; it is usually 1/20 to 1/10 of the total thickness of the metal.


 It is essential to note the markings on the piece of jewellery. Usually sterling silver jewellery is marked as 925 or sterling silver in most cases. However, some pieces that have been handcrafted may not bear these markings even when they are pieces of sterling silver jewellery. For items that are worn regularly, silver plated jewelry is not the best option as the thin coating of silver may wear away with regular use.

It is important to be mindful of the size of silver plated rings as resizing silver plated jewellery can be a task which not many jewelers are willing to undertake. Even when a jeweler agrees to the resizing, the cost of getting the item resized may turn out to be more than the worth of the jewellery. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to these factors while purchasing silver plated jewellery.

Imitation Jewelry Shine

There was a time, not so long ago when women could wear jewelry at any time of the day or for that matter night without the fear of being robbed. The constant incidents of robberies reported almost every day have led most of us to pack our jewelry into the lockers where they adorn the boxes instead of the women.

The changing scenario of security has created a need for artificial jewellery and as a result of which today we find hundreds of Imitation Jewelry manufacturers in Mumbai competing for the attention of customers. The young generation loves to have different accessories and matching jewelry with every dress they own which has made the Imitation Jewelry manufactures thriving business houses.

Trends change in this sector everyday as newer and latest designs are introduced in the market. These pieces look as good as real ones and only a sharp eye can tell a difference between the real and artificial ones. While these come at an affordable rate they still are an investment and like every other investment it is important to ensure that you get good value for your money.

The pure gold and silver jewelry would hardly require any upkeep or maintenance, just a wipe of the cloth and they would shine like new. However the same cannot be said for imitation jewelry. Whether you are a customer, a retailer or an Imitation Jewelry Manufacturer in Mumbai, where humidity is high, you need to take good care of the artificial Jewelry.

Here we provide you with some tips on maintaining your prized collection in the best of condition so that it is as good as the day you first bought it:

  • Wipe it Clean: Whenever you wear your jewelry for an occasion it is most likely that some amount of sweat and dust is likely to stick on. Make sure you wipe it with a soft cotton cloth before storing it away. This will help in preventing discoloration.
  • Settings Jewelry: The jewelry having stone settings or zircons should be wiped with a muslin cloth so that the prongs do not get pulled out and dislocate the stones.
  • Storage: Try to store the jewelry pieces separately instead of putting them all in one box. This will prevent discoloration, chipping, tangling etc.
  • Storage Mediums: Use soft pouches to store away your jewelry or alternately place them in zip lock pouches to ensure they keep dry and away from humidity.
  • Wear Occasionally: Costume jewelry is meant for those special occasions. Wearing them on a daily basis will make them look faded and discolored. To enjoy using them for a longer time, take off after each use and store properly.
  • Avoid Deodorants and Perfumes: Make sure that while spraying perfumes and deodorants none reaches the jewelry since it is a sure way of discoloration. Best would be to use these before wearing your pieces.

Ensuring that you maintain your jewelry in the best of condition will ensure good value for the money invested. While everyone knows that this jewelry is not meant to last a lifetime unlike the pure gold and silver ones, but you just might surprise yourself by being able to use it for decades if you store it properly

Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry, as the name suggests, is meant to suit the costumes a customer owns. Originally costume jewellery was made with cheap gemstones and metals but as the popularity and usage has grown the metals and material being used is of high quality and is quite expensive. The direct result of this ever increasing demand has resulted in a large number of manufacturers and Wholesale Costume Jewelry suppliers.

 Every retailer tries to keep their stocks updated both in terms of trends and the range of products available to ensure that the customers remain constant and loyal to their retail outlet. In such a scenario finding the best of Wholesale Costume Jewelry suppliers is vitally important for the success of a business.

The price range is another area a retailer has to look for since customers can come from any strata of society. The best way forward will be to find a Wholesale Costume Jewelry supplier who has a combination of both high end and low end jewelry. The High end jewelry collection may be made out of crystals, zircons that look like diamonds, and some semi-precious stones. These may be set in metals like gold- or silver-plated brass or sterling silver. The Lower-priced jewelry may still use gold plating over nickel or other metals and some pieces may have plastic, acrylic, leather or wood. This will go a long way in ensuring that all the customers that walk in find something they like and do not walk out empty handed.

Costume jewelry has made it possible for everyone to afford jewelry in some form or the other. With the coming in of the high end computerized machines, it has been possible to copy the most complicated of designs and convert them into pieces which look as good as real. The manufactured gemstones in beautiful cuts and colors can match the colors of every dress a person owns.

Following is the list of costume jewelry options for the hand that a retailer can display in his shop to attract the customers:

  • Bangles: This is one accessory that every woman can vouch for, especially popular in India and considered a vital part of a married woman’s must haves.  The range of bangles available may include the traditional gold plated brass flat ones to the ones studded with zircons, kundan, polki or gemstones. While some may have embossed designs the others may have mina work and may be set in acrylic.
  • Bracelets: These may range from the stretchable ones made of different color beads to the ones set in metal with semi precious stones, zircons, kundan, and polki. These may typically have clips to split them open so that they fit different wrist sizes. There are slap on bracelets and ones with stones embedded on chains.
  • Rings: This is an accessory which is worn almost on a daily basis by all women. Having a range both in sterling silver and in gold plating is a must for every retailer as is the need to have both the traditional and modern ones. Whether they are single stud rings or combination rings with multiple color stones and design settings, whether the rings are delicate ones or the bulky and large ones they are always in demand.

The right mix and range of accessories for adorning the hand is something a retailer must always provide for to ensure an ever increasing customer base.


Tips on Starting a Jewelry Business

It is easier to start a jewelry business than you may think. One thing that you really should look into is getting wholesale silvery jewelry, as you will save a lot of money down the road. Before you purchase any of your wholesale silver jewelry, check it out to make sure you are really getting want you want.

To Make Your Own Pieces or Not

The first thing that you need to think about is if you want to make your pieces from scratch or not. Any good jewelry design book will include lists of suppliers, such as Gem in Silver. You can choose the type of jewelry design you want.

Ability to Market

Once you have the plan set out about making or buying your wholesale silver jewelry, you now to need to decide on how you are going to market your business.

  1. Business Name: You want to create a business name and you want to take your time when doing this. The name of your business is going to be a huge selling point. Before you decide upon the final name, you need to make sure the name is not already taken by someone else. You should also check the domain name that you choose because when people look you up on the Internet it is going to be a showcase of all of your jewelry.
  2. Web Design and Creation:If you are not familiar with web design and creation, you can either learn the skills yourself or hire someone to train you or do it for you. You should definitely put a digital image of all of your jewelry on the web site you create.
  3. Marketing Materials:You must create marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures and more.  You can use these to hand out to friends, family, local businesses, at trade shows and craft fairs. Always make sure your web site and e-mail address is included on all of the literature.

Money Needed

The start-up costs to start a jewelry business can be as lowas $500. Depending upon the number of pieces you sell, you can make some very good money selling jewelry. One of the big things is going to be how you market your jewelry.

How to Sell Jewelry

There are several things you can do to kick off your jewelry sales, such as:

  • Home parties
  • Arts and crafts fairs
  • Selling to merchants

Business Licenses

You must check with your local municipality on any needed licenses and permits that you need to get. You also need to make sure you are zoned to operate a business from your home. Finally, you need to register your business with your Secretary of State, as well as preparing any needed tax forms.


As long as you follow the steps above, you should be on your way in starting the jewelry business that you have always dreamed of. Once you have your jewelry business up, always work in creating more and better pieces of jewelry because you customers will always be looking for more.