Jewelry and gemstone jewellery

Jewellery or jewelry consists of of small household goods used for personal equipment, such as brooches, jewelry, necklaces, ear-rings, and bracelets. Jewellery may be attached to the body or the apparel, and the word is restricted to long lasting designs, eliminating flowers for example. For many 100’s of years metal, often along with jewelry, has been the standard material for jewellery, but many other elements such as shells and other place elements may be used. It is one of the initial type of traditional artefact – with 100,000-year-old pellets made from Nassarius shells thought to be the initial known jewellery.

The basic kinds of jewellery differ between cultures but are often extremely long-lived; in European cultures the most regular kinds of jewellery detailed above have ongoing since the past, while other kinds such as components for the nose or foot, important in other cultures, are much more uncommon. Generally, the best impact on jewellery in terms of style and design have come from Asia.

The word jewelry itself comes from from the word useful stone, which was anglicized from the Old Italy “jouel”, and beyond that, to the Latina phrase “jocale”, significance toy. In English British, Regional local native indian local English, New Zealand English, Hiberno-English, Modern sydney English, and South east African-american English it is written jewelry, while the punctuation is jewelry in The united declares English.[1] Both are used in Canada and america and america English, though jewelry recommendations by a two to one advantage. In Italy and a few other European ‘languages’ very same phrase, joaillerie there, may also cover designed metalwork in jewelry such as objets d’art and church items, not just things used on the person.

Most cultures at some point have had a work out to keep huge quantities of success kept in the way of jewelry. Several cultures store wedding dowries in the way of jewelry or make jewelry as a way to store or show money. On the other hand, jewelry has been used as a forex or business good; an example being the use of slave pellets.[citation needed]

Many items of jewelry, such as brooches and buckles, was originally simply effective items, but become household goods as their effective need decreased.[5]

Jewellery can also symbolise team consideration (as in the scenario, of the Spiritual crucifix or the Judaism Superstar of David) or place (as in the scenario of shops of office, or the Western work out of partners dressed in wedding rings).

Wearing of amulets and devotional prizes to protect you or keep off evil is typical in some cultures. These may take the way of symptoms (such as the ankh), stones, vegetation, animals, areas of the body (such as the Khamsa), or glyphs (such as eye-catching versions of the Throne Line in Islamic art).

How to Care for Ruby Jewelry

A ruby is the symbol of immortal love. In keeping with this, if you own ruby jewelry, then it is necessary that you keep it shining all the time, in reverence to your love. Read the following article to find out how to care for your ruby jewelry.
A ruby is the birthstone for July and symbolizes immortal love. The 40th anniversary is also known as ‘Ruby Anniversary’, since it signifies undying love. The beauty of this stone can dazzle and maintaining it is not really a hassle. Ruby is the second hardest stone after diamond, and as such almost nothing can tarnish or affect the ruby chemically. So cleaning and maintaining the resplendence of this stone is not a very difficult job. The richness of the blood red color of the ruby depends on the iron content in the stone. More the iron, the redder the ruby will be. These natural stones are extremely expensive, and so, you now have lab created rubies, which have the same chemical composition as the real ones, minus the flaws. They are less expensive than the natural ones.

Significance of the Ruby

The ruby being a symbol of love, is the perfect gift for the 15th and the 40th wedding anniversary. It is believed that the ruby can help bring love back in a downhill marriage, and deepens the love that is already there. This “pigeon blood red” stone is also associated with passion, and energy. Its vibrancy is believed to heighten passions, enthusiasm, and sexual activity. It is a pleochroic stone, which means that it exhibits two colors when viewed from different angles. The good things associated with this stunning stone are endless! It is believed that the ruby personifies beauty and grace, and hence, is the perfect gift for any woman. This stone is also supposed to elevate motivation levels in a person and boost positive dreams and thoughts, as well as positivity in attitude and help better visualization. The ruby is known as the king of gems and is associated with powerful feelings. This multifaceted stone also gives the wearer courage, and shields him from bad things. After going on and on for so long about the virtues and benefits of this beautiful stone, it would be really heart breaking to see that it is not being taken care of, right?

Caring for Your Ruby Jewelry

Go through the following tips to ensure that your ruby jewelry continues to keep glowing over the years.

Wearing Rubies
While wearing rubies, remember that exposure to chemicals, although does not chemically affect the rubies, may tarnish it over time. Also, avoid wearing them when you are going to be doing rough work like gardening, washing, etc. I know that you will not wear your favorite ruby set when doing all this work, but what I meant was, in case your engagement ring has rubies in it, and if you wear it all the time, it is better to remove it while doing chores like the ones mentioned above. Or if you’re wearing it for any other reason like health or emotional well-being, then too. Many people wear ruby rings with another diamond ring. If this is the case, then make sure that your diamond is not brushing against your ruby continuously, since that will put scratches on your ruby.

Cleaning Rubies
Rubies are not affected by commercial solvents, so they can be used for cleaning the rubies effectively. A toothbrush dipped in warm water is also more than enough to clean ruby jewelry, which is set in an intricate design. The bristles of the brush will remove the dirt lodged in the tiny crevices of the setting. You can also use a toothpick to clean off any remaining dirt. Avoid using a toothpaste, since the granularity of the toothpaste may cause scratches on the ruby. Warm soapy water can also be used. When you take it off, never keep it directly in the box. Wipe it clean with a warm, wet, soft cloth, to remove any sweat, oil and dirt that has been transferred to it. A mild detergent should be used. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, since they can cause damage to the settings and mountings of your ruby.

Storing Rubies
Storing rubies correctly will go a long way in making them last longer and better. If you store them in the wrong manner, then cuts, scratches and loosening of the stones are common problems you will have to deal with. To avoid these things, store your rubies properly in cloth bags before you put them in your jewelry box. Make sure that you are not piling your jewelry on top of each other. If you do not want to use cloth bags, or don’t have them, then spread a layer of cotton underneath the jewels. Place the rubies on this cotton layer, and spread another layer on top of it. Make sure that no two rubies are kept side by side without at least a layer of cotton between them, since they may grind against each other leading to scratches.

Tips for Caring for Rubies

Clean the rubies in a bowl. In case there is a loose stone, there is no danger of it rolling or draining away in the sink.
A professional cleaning and inspection once a year should be done to ensure that your ruby is in perfect order. If it has been oiled for giving it that extra shine, then it is important to avoid steam cleaning procedures or chemicals.
Make sure that your rubies do not come in contact with perfumes, or other sprays, cleaners or harsh chemicals.
Boil half a teaspoon of tea leaves in water and allow the mixture to cool down. Soak your rubies in this solution overnight, and wipe clean in the morning with a soft cloth to make your rubies resplendent once again.

Cleaning Platinum Jewelry

There are always some things that are universally desired. When it comes to women, one of these things are diamonds and the other, platinum. Ask any woman about a piece of jewelry that she wants to own and chances are you will always get either diamonds or platinum as an answer. If like me, platinum has always been something you have desired, then you would also want to know how to take care of platinum once you own it. Platinum is one of the most durable and strongest of all precious metals that are used for making a jewelry. Since it is easier to work with than gold, it also allows for many more designs. With platinum, it is possible to make jewelry from metal that is as much as 95% pure. But due to the high level of purity, it is also more prone to scratches, which is why it is important to take proper care of jewelry made of this metal. In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you take care of jewelry made of this metal, and also tell you the correct steps to follow while cleaning platinum.

Maintaining Platinum Jewelry

Taking care of platinum jewelry is not as difficult as it seems. Of course, as with any other form of jewelry some basic rules apply, like ensuring that you do not use the jewelry when you are doing housework or working in the garden. It is also important that you never wear jewelry when you are using bleach or any other type of harsh chemical. While the chemical may not necessarily affect the metal, it may harm any other gemstone that is studded on the metal. For example, if you have platinum ring that has diamonds on it, then it may cause discoloration of the gemstone. If you have platinum jewelry, then it is important that at least once a year, you take it to the jeweler to get it cleaned. Ensure that your jewelry is given a good polish and any scratch on it is dispelled completely. When you receive your jewelry remember tips for identifying platinum jewelry. Also, get it inspected by a reputed and qualified jeweler. Ensure that the person who is doing the maintenance for your platinum jewelry is trained to do so. You do not want a situation where your platinum jewelry has been re-sized using white gold instead of platinum. To clean platinum there are couple of things you can do, which are listed below.

First it is important to understand that the jewelry needs to be cleaned at least cursorily, once in a week. Just place your jewelry in a bottle of cleaning solution for jewelry and then rinse it in hot water.
Another method that you can use in order to clean platinum jewelry is to soak the same in a solution of ammonia and warm water of equal measures. After you have dipped the jewelry in this solution, clean it with a soft cloth. Consult a jeweler before you use this solution.
Another household solution that you can use to clean platinum is to use vodka. Place the jewelry in a martini glass and then cover the jewelry with vodka. Allow it to stay for three hours and then use water to clean the jewelry.
An option that is available if you are willing to spend a little money is to buy an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Consult a jeweler who will be able to tell you which type of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is right for you. These machines use high-frequency sound to clean the jewelry.

It is important that you clean platinum jewelry to ensure the life of the jewelry. Remember to always store platinum jewelry away from other jewelry to avoid any scratches on either items. It may be advisable to store the jewelry in a box or a bag. Periodic cleaning of platinum jewelry will ensure that the appearance of the same is maintained and it remains dazzlingly beautiful forever.

Vintage Inspired Bridal Jewelry

Marriage is a very important event in almost every girl’s life. They say romantic movies and novels did to us women what the naughty sites did to men – set unrealistic expectations! Every girl grows up reading Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Rapunzel, Cinderella and other such stories and fairy-tales… and before she knows it, she has a picture of her own prince charming ready in her mind! Her prince charming, who will fall in love with her the first time he lays eyes upon her, and will swear his undying and unconditional love to her and will whisk her off her feet and marry her and make her queen of the empire! In the world that we live in today, this may not be entirely possible… there are only a handful of countries that are run by kings and queens today! So unless you are the next Princess Diana, chances are you are going to have a wedding ceremony much like everybody else. Sigh. However, ‘much like everybody else’ does not mean de-glam! Every woman is supposed to be the leading lady of her life, like Iris (Kate Winslet) says in The Holiday; and being leading lady means being Mia Thermopolis of your life!

Vintage jewelry was more elaborate than the kind of jewelry we wear nowadays. These days wearing a necklace that covers the entire neck of the dress is regarded flashy, posy and phony! It is regarded tacky, unwanted and inappropriate. That is not correct! What many people sometimes miss out on is charm and elegance, while picking up jewelry designs that are more prominent than most. A piece of jewelry need not be big to be beautiful. At the same time, something that is small and delicate need not always look pretty and elegant! While picking vintage inspired bridal jewelry (or while designing your own), make sure the elements in the design, such as leaves, flowers, pendants, etc., are proportionate to your face size and suit your face shape. Do not opt for something even if you cannot carry it off, just because you have liked it or because it is in vogue! Never a good idea. Finally, if possible, take opinions of your friends – but only your select close one or two best friends and not each and every person you know! Sometimes people give you a perspective you have never thought of; always helps to get an opinion. With that said, here are some fantastic design ideas!

So everything is in place – the venue, the guest list, the decorations, the ice statue, the flowers, the drapes, the stage, the band, the wedding dress, the shoes, the ring, everything. The only thing left to be taken care of is the wedding jewelry. You have taken several trials, even looked at the designs your friend’s niece drew for you. They all look good, but that is all the look – good. None of them really jumps out at you! So what do you do? Well, have you considered bridal jewelry that is vintage inspired? Yeah… being a real Mia Thermopolis! Take a look at the ideas given below.

Long chandelier ear-rings are the way to go! If your ear-rings are more long than broad, you can combine them with a suitable neck-piece. If instead your ear-rings are more elaborate, skip the neck-piece altogether. Let the contours of your neck show-off! A good change could be to go for big studs rather than chandelier ear-rings. They look stunning with up-do hair styles. They would also look brilliant if you have a tall face rather than a broad one. The good thing about big studs is that they can be worn with or without a neck-piece… they look equally beautiful either way.

Chokers look a rage on dresses with broad or wide necks. They even look lovely on strapless necks, or corsage kind of necks. If you love pearls, a 3 or 4 layered choker with an elaborate pendant in the middle would do the trick for you. Think flowers and jewels when you think of vintage bridal jewelry. Jewelry back then was not supposed to be sleek or delicate – it was indulging and luxurious. Make sure you do not lose that essence.

Hair accessories were more used in the old times than they are now; and they were a lot prettier back then too! Go for a hair fascinator if you are not going to wear a veil. If you plan on wearing a veil, you can instead opt for a comb clip. You can design a stone studded comb clip and coordinate the design of the clip with that of the remaining jewelry you are going to wear. An exquisite comb clip can also help take off the gaze from plain or simpler ear-rings; while a fascinator – well, it has got to be fascinating! You can even choose to wear a jeweled hair clip if you do not much like the idea of a comb clip. However, personally, I would recommend a comb clip; they have a vintage feel that is unmistakable.