Cleaning Rhinestone Jewelry That Really Works

The glitz and glamor of jewelry has always enticed women towards them. No matter what type it is – diamond jewelry, pearls, gold jewelry, gemstones, or rhinestones, all women love the razzle and dazzle of jewelry. One of the most prized possession of many women is their rhinestone jewelry. Rhinestones are artificial clear or colored stones made of high luster glass, paste or gem quartz, backed by foil that is intended to simulate diamonds. Earlier natural crystals from the bottom of river Rhine in Germany were substitutes for diamonds and hence the term rhinestones originated. However, like all jewelry, cleaning rhinestone jewelry is crucial for it to keep shining.

Like gemstones, it is not uncommon to see rhinestones shining in different colors. This variety of rhinestones are called Aurora Borealis (AB). These types of rhinestones have a special coating which is applied to the surface of a glass stone or bead due to which these rainbow colors are produced. The term Aurora Borealis, as the name suggests, is derived from the Northern Lights Atmospheric phenomena. Usually the stone’s cut combined with the overall quality, determine the price. The higher the quality, the more the rhinestone sparkles. In our excitement of owning such beautiful pieces of jewelry, we often forget to maintain our prized possessions. In order to maintain them, jewelry cleaning is an important step.

Why Should Rhinestone Jewelry be Cleaned?

Due to the presence of foil backing, the greatest threat to the beauty of rhinestone jewelry is moisture. If moisture gets behind the rhinestone, it will result the foil to tarnish and stain which will take away the shine and spark from the rhinestone. And ultimately you will be required to replace it. This is the reason that cleaning of rhinestone jewelry is very important.

How to Clean Rhinestone Jewelry

Rhinestone jewelry needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and care must be taken that in the process of rhinestone jewelry cleaning, not to damage the stone itself. Cleaning rhinestone is very simple and the results are terrific.

Materials Needed:
The following materials are needed for cleaning rhinestone jewelry.

Cotton or muslin cloth
Paper towels
Soft bristle brushes
Hatpin or similar style needle
Window cleaner
Hair blow dryer
Can of compressed air (which is usually used to clean computer parts)

The first step is to remove all the loose dust or dirt on the jewelry piece with the help of the can of compressed air. You can do this by using a soft dry make up brush for this step but be careful as bits of dirt can scratch the surface of the stones. Since one of the rhinestone jewelry components is glass, it makes perfect sense to use a glass cleaner like windex. Fold the paper towel until it is folded into a square with four layers. Squirt the paper towel with the glass cleaner. Now take the brush and blot the bristles onto the dampened paper towel. Make sure the brush is not wet because you do not want any moisture seeping into the rhinestones. With gentle swirls of the brush, clean the rhinestone and the setting. Lay the piece onto the cotton cloth and use the hairdryer on low setting to dry it. Once you are sure that it is completely dry, leave it out for an hour for the moisture to completely dry and then pack it up in an airtight bag and store.

Historic Symbolism Of Skull Jewelry

Mens rings are very popular pieces of male jewelry. It is a common concept that jewelry is meant for women but men have been wearing jewelry ever since the ancient ages. Though they can be made up of a wide variety of materials, silver rings are specially liked by most males. These are the most fashionable accessories that the men folk like to wear to them to give a boost to the impression of their looks. Different patterns of silver rings are available in the market, but the silver skull rings are quite special in their appeal. These skull patterns in the rings have certain elements of ingrained history.

Skulls and bones have become a part of fashion

You will be able to see the design of skulls in all types of accessories and clothes. They are used in the printing graphics and the tattoo art too. In jewelry too, the designs of skulls are popular since a long time. But what is intriguing is why these skull and bone designs are so popular in the fashion elements and accessories. It has been observed that skull design jewelry has been popular since the ancient ages. The appeal of these designs has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Skulls did not induce fear in olden days

In the ancient days, the Egyptians believed that the skull denoted the cycle of life after death. The same belief was present among the Death was not a feared or abhorred as in the present days. It was believed that death used to take the human beings to a new life. A rebirth took place. There was no element of stigma associated with death at all. The gods who were believed to control the different cycles of life and life after death were worshiped with reverence. When the jewelry was made at these periods, the bones were pierced along with the skin for attaching the jewelry. Though it was painful, it was considered to be of high fashion in those days. The persons who create this jewelry were very skillful in those times.

The skull symbolizing the dead is symbolic in celebrations

In many of the western countries, the dead and the elements associated with it are still celebrated to this day. In the ancient period, the Aztecs used to celebrate certain events with the human remains such as bones and skulls. The theme of those events has been passed on to the present age where a certain day is celebrated in the name of the dead. In countries like Mexico and other Latin American nations, such celebrations are held even today. Even the Catholic nations observe the “All Souls Day” in which they believe that the souls of the day come down during these days. The skull symbol is very much visible in all these celebrations and is in no way shunned at all.

Skull ring became a fashion since the Elizabethan era

In the Elizabethan age, the silver skull rings with the designs of skulls engraved on them started gaining popularity. The skulls without the portion of the jaw became symbolic of the underworld. Persons who were associated with illegal activities and the goons were considered to wear these types of rings. The meaning of the similar symbol of the skull is prevalent even in the modern days. The motorcycle gang members used to wear these types of rings. It is a method of inducing terror among the commoners. These gangs were supposed to be different from the common people and used to stir up fear in their minds.

Variety of skull ring designs has become fashionable

There is a plethora of skull designs that have become popular are very much in demand. They are being used in all types of sterling silver jewelry. Some of them are seen to have wings with them which signify freedom or rising from the dead. There are others which also have crossbones with them which signify danger or terror. There are other designs where skulls are seen depicted along with butterflies. This denotes how the form of life changes from one to the other. The ones with snakes show immortality and the shift from one life to the next. There are many such designs which are being used liberally in the designs of the silver rings and the men love sporting them.

Why Women Stainless Steel Jewelry

Women in general love jewelry, and cannot have enough if it. Be it gold, silver, platinum, women just like hoarding exquisite pieces of jewels, but more often than not, it does burn a very big hole in the pocket which takes months and months to re-instate. Stainless steel jewelry is really inexpensive and these days it is available in plenty of designs, which can be chunky or subtle whatever be your style. A number of stores sell stainless steel jewelry and they also are available online.

The main advantages of buying stainless steel jewelry for women online have been mentioned below:

  • By now most women are spoilt for choices, as there is an array and variety of almost everything. So when you visit an online store which sells stainless steel jewelry for women, you will definitely find a lot of designs which will catch your fancy. Most designs look really classy and will suit most women and their personalities.
  • You are bound to find something for all age groups, so from trinkets to studs, to charm bracelets to beautiful rings, there is something for everyone.
  • You could also purchase something for the man in your life, while you buy jewelry for yourself. For example stainless steel cufflinksare really popular with men, so you could gift him one.
  • Affordability is the best thing when buying stainless steel jewelry online. Throughout the year you are bound to find deals and discounts which will help you in saving money. For example, for him and her, gift set comprising of stainless steel cufflinks and earrings, may be on offer so you could buy something for yourself and your special someone.
  • The style factor, when you see jewelry online, you get to see what it has been paired with, and you get a lot of ideas about styling it in future.

There are many advantages of buying jewelry made of stainless steel. First of all, as mentioned above it is extremely pocket-friendly, so you can hoard as many pieces of jewelry as you want to. The next thing is the fact that it is extremely durable and long lasting plus it can last for a very long time without being tarnished. The fact that it has a silvery-grey hue makes it a perfect color for both men and women. Unlike gold jewelry, it does not cry out for attention, similarly it is not unnoticeable as well.

Be smart and buy fewer things first and once you are aware of the quality, and you like it you can go ahead and purchase more. In case you are making your purchase online, do not forget to read the product description and returns policy, so that you are well aware of the transaction along with its clauses. Just a slight warning, stainless steel is an alloy of different kinds of metals which you might cause you allergies, so be sure check out your retention to the metal before going on a hoarding spree

attractive skull jewelry

Enhancing your physique with jewelry of diverse types has been a usual thing since ancient times. Monarchs and duchesses used to do this to show off their elegance and wealth. Away are those days, and currently, it is mainly done for the sake of creating a glorious existence in the society. There is also a complete alteration in the way people uses the jewelry. Now individuals are more motivated on the use of modest and graceful jewelry. The fashions of accessories have been changing from time to time. Going with the recent trends is a must for people today. Not only do accessories add a flash to your personality, but they also highlight the look of the dresses.

Over the time there has evolved a huge change in the styling sense of the people. Previously we used to see that the tribal people wear ornaments which are made of unique designs with skull emblem. On those cases the bones and shells were generally preferred. But now the main preference has transformed into the use of the materials. Brass, alloy, silver, stainless steel, etc. are the materials that are used in these jewelry pieces.

Due to the hectic schedule, people are finding it difficult to manage time to go to the stores and search for the skull jewelry that they like. To solve this issue, there are many portals available on the internet which can give you some favorable choices and also a variety of substances. You can look into different designs and trends to select the best glittering piece for yourself.

The demand for skull jewelry has been on the market for ages. These are very beautiful and are preferred by all the art lovers, all over the world. There are many ways of making these products. Different type of products has the different design of the skulls in them. The bikers and the rock stars prefer the use of this type of jewelry.

•    Quality

The pieces that are made can boast the style sense of the bikers and the rockers of the auditorium stages. The celebrities flaunt this jewelry on the stage and as a result, the fans start following the trend. These items are generally made up of stainless steel or silver. Some other brass metals are also used for making of this type of items.

•    Respecting the skills

Each and every item is crafted with the shape of a skull, and thus it shows the ability of humans in producing such masterpieces. This is also a proof of the skills of the craftsmen who are associated with this work. For this particular reason, the various jewelry pieces have made a name for itself among the art lovers from all over the world. These masterpieces are unique in their designs and will always provide a killer look to the individual who sports the item.