Tips for Traveling With Jewelry Safely

If you’re going someplace exotic for a vacation, why not leave all your jewelry at home, and shop for a few trinkets at your destination? This way, you rid the hassle of carrying it, and pick up some fabulous souvenirs too.
The mere thought of going shopping while on a vacation does set the right mood, every time. But one isn’t always as fortunate. There are those other trips which require us to be dolled up in a certain manner―like going out of town for a wedding, or the holidays, or even perhaps the occasional business trip. These are the kind of trips that warrant the need to carry jewelry, which quite honestly, can be harrowing for women who have a propensity to be a little preoccupied.

Lest you misplace or lose your precious pieces of jewelry, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.
Know what to carry.

However tempted you might be to just pack everything, do remind yourself about the risks involved, especially if it’s a heirloom or costs a fortune. Remember the thumb rule, if losing the piece will cause you prolonged heartache, it’s best to leave it at home. This doesn’t mean that you avoid wearing your favorite piece of jewelry, but just consider the overall risk involved in carrying it.
Preferably, pick pieces that are versatile. This ensures that you’re adequately accessorized, no matter what the outfit or occasion. In this regard, jewelry that has white stones set in silver tones is your best bet. Unlike gold, silver matches with almost anything, as do white stones―this is the kind of jewelry which is a timeless classic.

However, if you have a specific event to attend which has a color code to adhere to, you will obviously want to stick to it. But even in this case, it would be prudent to stick to the rule of carrying limited pieces.
Know how to carry it.

If your luggage has enough room for jewelry boxes, you have nothing to worry about. But if you have a space crunch, pack your jewels in a velvet pouch, made specifically for this purpose. If you don’t have a velvet pouch, place your jewels between layers of cotton, wrap this in a soft cloth or kerchief, and place it in a Ziploc bag. You must ensure that the pieces do not undergo any kind of friction, or do not fall out of the bag when you’re taking them out.
If you’ll be flying to your destination, you may want to carry your jewels along with you in your cabin baggage. If you’re carrying too many things in it, it would be better to place it in the checked-in luggage, lest you set off the metal detectors, and trigger an inspection.

You Choose the Perfect Jewelry Box

Gold, diamond, pearls, emerald, silver, topaz, platinum … these elements are most preferred when it comes to a treasured piece of jewelry, no wonder we keep it in a box, that is commonly known as ‘treasure box’.

Jewelry has been an integral part of civilization. Men and women adorned themselves with jewelry that, in a way, represented their rank and accomplishments in society. Some pieces of jewelry were worn for bringing forth good luck and protection from evil. This is seen even today, wherein many people wear precious gemstones with a belief that they’ll bring luck, success, and wealth in their lives. No matter what the reason be, jewelry has become an integral part of our lives, and thus, is the need to store it efficaciously.
Points to Consider While Choosing the Right Jewelry Box
Buying a jewelry box can be as confusing as buying a jewelry item. We know what it feels to be surrounded with endless entrancing options in a store. While we would love to pick one and all, we also would not want to feel the sting of going overboard and disturb our budget. To avoid the shopping dilemma that comes naturally to us during these times, it is better to plan out in advance. Being clear about what you want in the first place, helps eliminate most of the options, much easily. The following are the points you must keep in mind while going jewelry-box shopping.

Yes, we know that the purpose to buy a jewelry box is to store jewelry, duh! But there are variations to it. If you want to gift it to someone―we think a charming small beaded jewelry box would be ideal for this. Large wooden or metal jewelry boxes―often found with decorative carvings―are ideal for both utility and decorative purposes, but require a fixed space for placement. If you tend to travel a lot, compact boxes with handles or leather straps are a good option. Last but not the least, if you are also in love with the iconic musical jewelry boxes, like we are, then your jewelry box would be more than just a container, reminding you of the past few decades―perhaps the late 1800s and early 1900s?

It is important to sort of analyze what kind of jewelry collector you are. If you are one of those who has a matching piece of earrings, bangles, necklace, or perhaps, anklets, with every clothing, then you must go for a huge, spacious, more of a closet-like jewelry box. There are many people who have more earrings than any other jewelry item; some might have more rings and chains, as compared to other items. Depending upon the dominant jewelry type you own, select a box that has ample amount of space to accommodate your precious ornaments. Jewelry boxes that come with separate compartments for storing different types of jewelry are the best option to go for; they don’t have any room for the different items getting entangled while the box is moved or hurriedly searched by us while selecting an appropriate option to wear at the last minute. Consider all these factors and make your choice.

Perhaps the most confusing factor of all, choosing the right design can be an extremely daunting task. An important tip to save yourself from getting all the more befuddled, is to recall the theme of your jewelry, or your room. If you plan to place the jewelry box out in the open for aesthetic purposes, keep in mind the decor theme of your room where you’d be placing the box. Another good tip is to consider the kind of jewelry you want to store in the box. For instance, if your collection is sort of traditional or ethnic, go for a design that complements it.
These were the basic factors, pondering upon which would get a significant percentage of the task done. These tips will help you narrow down your choice from many, to a few. Consider the material and make of the box, is it too harsh or heavy to carry? Is it long-lasting and durable? A good jewelry box is the one that not only accommodates your jewelry comfortably, but is also convenient enough when it comes to usability, handling, and longevity. Inspect the box for any possible defects in the drawers, locks, compartments, and surfaces. Make sure that the box you select is worth the amount you spend.

Tips On Taking Photographs Of Your Jewellery

Techniques of Taking Photos of Your Jewellery

If you want to have good quality pictures of the jewellery you sell, there are some simple techniques you need to abide by. It is important to setup the jewellery correctly if you want achieve results that you can be proud of. If you use a light tent,it will soften the shadows of the pieces and eliminate glare but will give you a clean background.

Sharpness, Lighting and Exposure

The key to having great photographs of the jewellery that you sell is sharpness, lighting and exposure. If you have gemstones you are photographing, you want to make sure that they are going to sparkle in the photos. All of the photos need to be sharp and have a crisp focus. If you want to get those close-up shots of your jewellery, you are most likely going to have to get a camera with good manual focus feature on it.

Using a Tripod

In order to get a sharp image of the photos you take of all of your jewellery, you are most likely going to need to get a tripod. It is very important to use a tripod when shooting pictures of all of your jewellery. It is going to cost you more in price but a sturdy tripod is going to be much better than a flimsy one. No matter what, use some type of tripod when taking the photos. Remember, the photos you iswhat is going to help you sell your different jewellery pieces even more.


Good lighting is also important when taking your jewellery photographs. In most cases, soft lighting is going to work best. The flash on your camera is not going to lead to good jewellery photos. The flash on your camera will also create harsh and distracting shadows. Rather than a flash, it is best to use continuous lighting for the photos because it makes it easier to visualize what the final image will be like.A small light tent is going to make it easy to reduce glare and control shadows for the photos of the jewellery.


Proper exposure is the key to getting good photos of your jewellery pieces.


Light tents are used because they provide a fast and easy way to use soft lighting on your jewellery pieces. The light tents will also instantly provide a clutter free background along with giving you a convenient backdrop support. When taking photos of all of your different pieces of jewellery , always take into account how to get the images that are going to be sharp, crisp, clean and have good lighting. When you are taking your photos of the different jewellery pieces you have to show off, by simply getting a tripod, the photos of your jewellery is going to look so much better.

Beautiful and Lustrous Jewelry

Jewelry is often crafted as unique pieces that are sometimes personalized. They last a lifetime but they get tarnished, dirty or rusted over time. If your favorite necklace is one of your Best Jewelry Gifts but isn’t as shiny as you would like it to be, you can try cleaning it. Not sure how to? Here are some easy care and maintenance tips you can do at home:

Try these tips every day to increase the shine and life of jewelry pieces:

A.    Certain chemicals can stain or destroy the metal surfaces. So if you need to apply any cosmetics, hairspray, lotions or perfumes- do it before you put on your jewelry. This is to prevent traces of chemicals from getting stuck to the surfaces.

B.    After removing any piece of jewelry that you’ve worn, wipe them down to remove sweat oils, cosmetics from it. You can quickly rinse them down with warm water, a soft brush and any gentle liquid soap. Jewelry can get dirty or develop stain is you let all of this build up.

C.    Store all jewelry in a separate box or cloth bag that has been lined with soft fabric. Each piece has to be wrapped individually in tissue to prevent scratches. This is also a clever way of preventing them from getting entangled or losing an earring when taking something else out.

D.    When washing any piece, make sure that the pieces are away from drain.

Things to never do when you have any jewelry on:

A.    The products that you use to clean your home may contain strong chemicals dyes and lathering agents. These can adversely affect pieces that you’re wearing wear gloves to protect any things that you have, or remove them before getting down to work.

B.    Swimming pools, bath tubs and hot tubs have chlorine in them; this chemical is known to disintegrate jewelry completely! Necklaces, anklets can often get caught in faucets, drains, pool ladders or diving boards. Wearing jewelry while swimming is not recommended.

C.    Other activities like gardening and exercising too can destroy jewelry. Dirt, sweat, can destroy or dislodge precious stones.

Boost the life of your jewelry:

A.    Get a professional to clean your jewelry and check for things like loose mountings, prongs and other signs of poor conditions.

B.    White gold metal has to be re-plated; platinum requires polishing and prongs will require new tips. This has to be done every two to three years.

C.    Pearls need to be restrung with a knot between each one to prevent losing any of them should the string break.
Jewelry is probably the most beautiful gift that you can give to family and friends. If you need to find great pieces that don’t cost all that much, the choose MB Jewelry.

Jewelry with Your Swimsuit

It’s never easy to be a stylish beach diva. You are always at the risk of making a fashion mistake you may regret for years to come.

So how do you manage this feat?

The key is to balance the sophistication and glamour with your swimwear. You need to put the right pieces together to coin a look that makes you the undisputed beach queen. We’ve got a list of the most popular baubles for beach this time around, and a few handy tips to help you dress to impress! Take a look.


If you’re not wearing big earrings at the beach, you’re doing style all wrong. Dangling medallions like these unique diamond fashion earrings, hoops,orthese show stopping drop-earringsthat reflect the sun need to be on the top of your list for “beach accessories”. Even if you’re not wearing a sparkling halo engagement ring, these earrings will add enough oomph to wow the crowds.

Trinkets for Your Navel

Jewelry is not just about vintage engagement rings or unique wedding bands. When you’re heading out to the beach, think of something more exotic, like belly chains hanging just above your hips. They’ll make your sexy bikini a tad bit dressier and attract attention to those toned abs you’ve been working for all summer. Pair the chains with this rose gold diamond bangle bracelet to complete the look!


That’s right, the anklet has made a comeback! Balance out the glitz from your chunky designer engagement ring with the charm of anklets. Most women do not realize the appeal of this distinct piece of jewelry, but if you’ve ever wondered where to wear anklets, then it doesn’t get better than the beach!Your anklet can add an instant dash of glamour to your feet and they look great too. If you wish to add a complimentary jewelry item, consider this vintage moonstone and black diamond pendant

Arm Cuffs

Arm cuffs work well in both formal and casual settings. And they are absolute show-stealers at the beach. They kind of make you look like a warrior princess serenading on the warm sands. Arm cuffs are available in a myriad of styles and designs. From plain cuffs, to ones sporting a floral or feather design—it is entirely up to you which one you prefer.Combine them with a piece of diamond fashion jewelry, like thisunique moonstone and diamond ring for a classy look.

With all that said, it’s time to head out to the beach and make heads turn with your exuberant sense of style and glamour. Follow our tips and you are sure to reign every time you hit the beach. You may want to check out this green amethyst and diamond fashion ring if you’re looking for something that compliments your green swimsuit.

Tips to Attract Customers with Lovely Jewelry

If you are a fashion jewelry retailer, you should know the tricks to attract customers to your jewelry outlet. One way is to use beautiful display stands to show off the jewelry pieces. To know more, read along.

When it comes to running your own fashion jewelry store, presentation of the ornaments should be done with utmost care. The best pieces of jewelry may go unnoticed if they are not exhibited properly. Different kinds of display stands are used in jewelry stores to highlight the jewelry pieces. Effective use of these display items can even increase profits in the jewelry business. Here we are discussing some of the benefits of using display stands in jewelry stores.

Attract Customers: When the pieces of jewelry are well displayed, it naturally attracts the customers to your outlet. Whether they buy the jewelry or not, they will definitely think of going through the jewelry collection at store. If you use attractive and rare types of jewelry display stands, customers may even visit your store to have a look at them. This can pave way for a smooth conversation and can even lead to sales.

Better Access to Customers: Some jewelry stands like jewelry display busts, jewelry ring fingers and earring holders can be picked up by the customers so that they can have a better look at the jewelry pieces. When they are given this privilege, it leads to more sales too.

Keep Track of The Jewelry: When you arrange the jewelry pieces on display stands, it is easy for you to keep track of the pieces. This cannot be done when the jewelry pieces are kept in jewelry boxes.

One of the best ways to bring a unique look to your jewelry store is to get display stands that are attractive. For this you may have to contact display stand wholesale dealers and get the best varieties of display stands to make your jewelry pieces attractive.

There are a few things to be careful about while choosing display stands to show off your jewelry pieces. While it is true that these display stands help attract customers, a shiny or glittering display stand could also distract or irritate a potential customer. To avoid this situation, you should be sure as to what kind of products you would be displaying and then choose the display accessories. Different varieties of display stands are available in plastic, metal and glass. You may choose the best one that suits your jewelry’s style and texture. For instance, if you wish to display a necklace, it can be neatly exhibited on a display stand that resembles a human neck rather than pinning it to the wall.

Apart from using great display stands, you should also be careful about the lighting of the store, the setting, colors of the interiors and the salespersons. Taking all these into consideration, you can gain huge profits out of your fashion jewelry business. By creating a brand image in the minds of the customers, it is obvious that they will come to your store again in anticipation of buying those gorgeous pieces of jewelry showcased there in a beautiful and organized manner.

Tanning Bed Tips

A tanned body looks gorgeous, more toned, and is better at hiding imperfections. But, with the risk of skin cancer being so high, you might want to be very careful on how you get the tan. Also, remember to first analyze the type of skin you have. This will help you determine the level of tanning you can take, the amount of time you can stay in the bed, and what kind of tanning lotion you need.

Most good tanning salons require you to fill a questionnaire. Fill them honestly, as it will help them know whether it is safe for you to tan. People with a family history of skin cancer or Type 1 skin are not allowed to use tanning beds or booths in many places.

Here are a few tips you may use to get a warm, bronzed skin tone and stay safe.

Before Reaching the Salon

To make sure you do not burn your skin and get the maximum effect that lasts long, remember the following:

✲ Shave or Wax: It is best to shave one day before, or wax two days before you plan to use the tanning bed to help it last longer.

✲ Build a Pre-tan: If you are tanning for the first time or after a long gap, tan in short sessions to ‘build up’ a tan over a few days. This will help your skin to produce melanin gradually and minimize the risk of burning.

✲ Plan Ahead: It takes around a day for the tan to show, so if you are tanning for an event, say a party or prom, then get to the tanning bed at least a day in advance.

Before the Tan

To get a nice, even tan, follow these simple tips right before you step into the tanning booth or bed.

✲ Exfoliate: Massage the skin gently with a scrub, to remove the dead skin; pay particular attention to your elbows and knees. Follow with a warm shower to remove any cosmetics or perfumes. Use a mild, clear soap or bathing gel for the shower.

✲ Moisturize: Use a light body lotion after the shower, especially in delicate areas, like the breasts and buttocks. Don’t use a heavy moisturizer, as it might clog the pores.

✲ Apply Indoor Tanning Lotions: Outdoor tanning lotions are different from those made specifically for tanning beds. Apply the lotion in light, circular movements to avoid patchiness and protect your skin.

Buying Vintage Jewelry

Everyone’s talking about vintage jewelry. To be worn to a costume party or for the ‘something old’ in a wedding or just for fashion’s sake, these are just a few of the many, many times you hear people going on and on about how awesome vintage jewelry is and how it ups the glamor quotient in a jiffy; hence, the immense popularity and rush to buy this exquisite breed of jewelry. However, it has also given rise to a lot of vintage jewelry ‘manufacturers’ who are willing to go to great extents to dupe people into buying jewelry that was made probably a couple of years ago. It has become imperative, therefore, to understand what to look for when buying vintage jewelry and how to sift the fakes from the real pieces. Buzzle guides you in this regard.

Vintage is such a loosely used term these days that the actual meaning has become ambiguous. To set the record straight, the vintage era is generally considered to be the years between 1910 – 1990. So, any piece that originated in these years can be classified as vintage. Anything before that is generally qualified to be an antique. Yes, antique and vintage are two different terms that are often mistakenly used interchangeably.

Whether you’re buying it for use or are beginning to cultivate a collection, it is of utmost importance that the pieces you purchase are authentic and of sound quality. In this section, we will explain the things you need to watch out for when you’re shopping for vintage jewelry.

As mentioned above, the years between 1910 and 1990 are considered to be the vintage era. If you’re looking for more popular pieces, it would be wise to look for something that was made between the years 1940 and 1970. This was considered the booming period for jewelry―design, pattern, and workmanship-wise.

Word to the Wise: Pieces with rhinestones in the Aurora Borealis finish (a rainbow effect inspired by the Northern Lights) didn’t appear till the 1950s, so if a seller says the piece originated before that and uses it as an excuse to quote a higher price, he’s probably lying.
Know where it comes from
Provenience is the term used to define the traceability of a piece of jewelry. It consists of details about the piece’s origin, history, background, and the previous owners of the piece. While all of this may not always be traceable, an authentic piece worth its price will have at least some verifiable heritage.

Word to the Wise: The seller can claim that he does not have any written record of the piece. You can always ask him how he came upon the piece and ask for contact details to verify for yourself if the piece is worth it.

What we’re trying to say is that just because a piece is vintage, a seller may try to sell a damaged piece for a huge sum. This is when you have to make a judgment call. How bad does the piece look? If it has, say, a lot of stones missing, rethink your decision to buy it. Some sellers might try to sell a piece that has been badly repaired. For instance, stones and beads might have been glued back into the setting. This is one of the worst ways to deface vintage jewelry and speaks a lot about the knowledge of the seller.

Cleaning Rhinestone Jewelry That Really Works

The glitz and glamor of jewelry has always enticed women towards them. No matter what type it is – diamond jewelry, pearls, gold jewelry, gemstones, or rhinestones, all women love the razzle and dazzle of jewelry. One of the most prized possession of many women is their rhinestone jewelry. Rhinestones are artificial clear or colored stones made of high luster glass, paste or gem quartz, backed by foil that is intended to simulate diamonds. Earlier natural crystals from the bottom of river Rhine in Germany were substitutes for diamonds and hence the term rhinestones originated. However, like all jewelry, cleaning rhinestone jewelry is crucial for it to keep shining.

Like gemstones, it is not uncommon to see rhinestones shining in different colors. This variety of rhinestones are called Aurora Borealis (AB). These types of rhinestones have a special coating which is applied to the surface of a glass stone or bead due to which these rainbow colors are produced. The term Aurora Borealis, as the name suggests, is derived from the Northern Lights Atmospheric phenomena. Usually the stone’s cut combined with the overall quality, determine the price. The higher the quality, the more the rhinestone sparkles. In our excitement of owning such beautiful pieces of jewelry, we often forget to maintain our prized possessions. In order to maintain them, jewelry cleaning is an important step.

Why Should Rhinestone Jewelry be Cleaned?

Due to the presence of foil backing, the greatest threat to the beauty of rhinestone jewelry is moisture. If moisture gets behind the rhinestone, it will result the foil to tarnish and stain which will take away the shine and spark from the rhinestone. And ultimately you will be required to replace it. This is the reason that cleaning of rhinestone jewelry is very important.

How to Clean Rhinestone Jewelry

Rhinestone jewelry needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and care must be taken that in the process of rhinestone jewelry cleaning, not to damage the stone itself. Cleaning rhinestone is very simple and the results are terrific.

Materials Needed:
The following materials are needed for cleaning rhinestone jewelry.

Cotton or muslin cloth
Paper towels
Soft bristle brushes
Hatpin or similar style needle
Window cleaner
Hair blow dryer
Can of compressed air (which is usually used to clean computer parts)

The first step is to remove all the loose dust or dirt on the jewelry piece with the help of the can of compressed air. You can do this by using a soft dry make up brush for this step but be careful as bits of dirt can scratch the surface of the stones. Since one of the rhinestone jewelry components is glass, it makes perfect sense to use a glass cleaner like windex. Fold the paper towel until it is folded into a square with four layers. Squirt the paper towel with the glass cleaner. Now take the brush and blot the bristles onto the dampened paper towel. Make sure the brush is not wet because you do not want any moisture seeping into the rhinestones. With gentle swirls of the brush, clean the rhinestone and the setting. Lay the piece onto the cotton cloth and use the hairdryer on low setting to dry it. Once you are sure that it is completely dry, leave it out for an hour for the moisture to completely dry and then pack it up in an airtight bag and store.

Historic Symbolism Of Skull Jewelry

Mens rings are very popular pieces of male jewelry. It is a common concept that jewelry is meant for women but men have been wearing jewelry ever since the ancient ages. Though they can be made up of a wide variety of materials, silver rings are specially liked by most males. These are the most fashionable accessories that the men folk like to wear to them to give a boost to the impression of their looks. Different patterns of silver rings are available in the market, but the silver skull rings are quite special in their appeal. These skull patterns in the rings have certain elements of ingrained history.

Skulls and bones have become a part of fashion

You will be able to see the design of skulls in all types of accessories and clothes. They are used in the printing graphics and the tattoo art too. In jewelry too, the designs of skulls are popular since a long time. But what is intriguing is why these skull and bone designs are so popular in the fashion elements and accessories. It has been observed that skull design jewelry has been popular since the ancient ages. The appeal of these designs has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Skulls did not induce fear in olden days

In the ancient days, the Egyptians believed that the skull denoted the cycle of life after death. The same belief was present among the Death was not a feared or abhorred as in the present days. It was believed that death used to take the human beings to a new life. A rebirth took place. There was no element of stigma associated with death at all. The gods who were believed to control the different cycles of life and life after death were worshiped with reverence. When the jewelry was made at these periods, the bones were pierced along with the skin for attaching the jewelry. Though it was painful, it was considered to be of high fashion in those days. The persons who create this jewelry were very skillful in those times.

The skull symbolizing the dead is symbolic in celebrations

In many of the western countries, the dead and the elements associated with it are still celebrated to this day. In the ancient period, the Aztecs used to celebrate certain events with the human remains such as bones and skulls. The theme of those events has been passed on to the present age where a certain day is celebrated in the name of the dead. In countries like Mexico and other Latin American nations, such celebrations are held even today. Even the Catholic nations observe the “All Souls Day” in which they believe that the souls of the day come down during these days. The skull symbol is very much visible in all these celebrations and is in no way shunned at all.

Skull ring became a fashion since the Elizabethan era

In the Elizabethan age, the silver skull rings with the designs of skulls engraved on them started gaining popularity. The skulls without the portion of the jaw became symbolic of the underworld. Persons who were associated with illegal activities and the goons were considered to wear these types of rings. The meaning of the similar symbol of the skull is prevalent even in the modern days. The motorcycle gang members used to wear these types of rings. It is a method of inducing terror among the commoners. These gangs were supposed to be different from the common people and used to stir up fear in their minds.

Variety of skull ring designs has become fashionable

There is a plethora of skull designs that have become popular are very much in demand. They are being used in all types of sterling silver jewelry. Some of them are seen to have wings with them which signify freedom or rising from the dead. There are others which also have crossbones with them which signify danger or terror. There are other designs where skulls are seen depicted along with butterflies. This denotes how the form of life changes from one to the other. The ones with snakes show immortality and the shift from one life to the next. There are many such designs which are being used liberally in the designs of the silver rings and the men love sporting them.