Beautiful and Lustrous Jewelry

Jewelry is often crafted as unique pieces that are sometimes personalized. They last a lifetime but they get tarnished, dirty or rusted over time. If your favorite necklace is one of your Best Jewelry Gifts but isn’t as shiny as you would like it to be, you can try cleaning it. Not sure how to? Here are some easy care and maintenance tips you can do at home:

Try these tips every day to increase the shine and life of jewelry pieces:

A.    Certain chemicals can stain or destroy the metal surfaces. So if you need to apply any cosmetics, hairspray, lotions or perfumes- do it before you put on your jewelry. This is to prevent traces of chemicals from getting stuck to the surfaces.

B.    After removing any piece of jewelry that you’ve worn, wipe them down to remove sweat oils, cosmetics from it. You can quickly rinse them down with warm water, a soft brush and any gentle liquid soap. Jewelry can get dirty or develop stain is you let all of this build up.

C.    Store all jewelry in a separate box or cloth bag that has been lined with soft fabric. Each piece has to be wrapped individually in tissue to prevent scratches. This is also a clever way of preventing them from getting entangled or losing an earring when taking something else out.

D.    When washing any piece, make sure that the pieces are away from drain.

Things to never do when you have any jewelry on:

A.    The products that you use to clean your home may contain strong chemicals dyes and lathering agents. These can adversely affect pieces that you’re wearing wear gloves to protect any things that you have, or remove them before getting down to work.

B.    Swimming pools, bath tubs and hot tubs have chlorine in them; this chemical is known to disintegrate jewelry completely! Necklaces, anklets can often get caught in faucets, drains, pool ladders or diving boards. Wearing jewelry while swimming is not recommended.

C.    Other activities like gardening and exercising too can destroy jewelry. Dirt, sweat, can destroy or dislodge precious stones.

Boost the life of your jewelry:

A.    Get a professional to clean your jewelry and check for things like loose mountings, prongs and other signs of poor conditions.

B.    White gold metal has to be re-plated; platinum requires polishing and prongs will require new tips. This has to be done every two to three years.

C.    Pearls need to be restrung with a knot between each one to prevent losing any of them should the string break.
Jewelry is probably the most beautiful gift that you can give to family and friends. If you need to find great pieces that don’t cost all that much, the choose MB Jewelry.