I Wanted to Do Something About My Bucket List

A few years ago, I was musing over some of the things I have not yet had a chance to do in life. Traveling to Europe was one of those things. Going on a cruise was yet another. It occurred to me that I should actually do something about these things. I could definitely do something about not having been on a ship before. So, I started researching to find out which ones are really worth it, and booked reservations for my husband and me. I then needed to find some resort wear to wear for the occasion because I live in Montana where it is cold most of the year, and swimming is not usually the norm. I was really excited about something different for once!

We ended up in Montana for my husband’s job. Some of the best pay for the job he has comes from this area of the country. We were both ready and willing to take on all the many cold months of snow. I have even watched it snow in June in this state. It leaves little time for things like picnics, taking a swim in a lake or swimming pool or even laying out to get a little sun. Most people here do not even have pools. I found myself looking forward to having the ability to swim in a pool on a ship or on a warm beach.

Ordering some suits, coverups and things like that was a lot of fun. I even ordered some swim trunks for my husband, who didn’t have any prior to this trip that we were taking. I bought five pairs for him, and for myself, I bought five suits as well. I figured that we would each have one clean one for every day that we were on the trip.