Imitation Jewelry Shine

There was a time, not so long ago when women could wear jewelry at any time of the day or for that matter night without the fear of being robbed. The constant incidents of robberies reported almost every day have led most of us to pack our jewelry into the lockers where they adorn the boxes instead of the women.

The changing scenario of security has created a need for artificial jewellery and as a result of which today we find hundreds of Imitation Jewelry manufacturers in Mumbai competing for the attention of customers. The young generation loves to have different accessories and matching jewelry with every dress they own which has made the Imitation Jewelry manufactures thriving business houses.

Trends change in this sector everyday as newer and latest designs are introduced in the market. These pieces look as good as real ones and only a sharp eye can tell a difference between the real and artificial ones. While these come at an affordable rate they still are an investment and like every other investment it is important to ensure that you get good value for your money.

The pure gold and silver jewelry would hardly require any upkeep or maintenance, just a wipe of the cloth and they would shine like new. However the same cannot be said for imitation jewelry. Whether you are a customer, a retailer or an Imitation Jewelry Manufacturer in Mumbai, where humidity is high, you need to take good care of the artificial Jewelry.

Here we provide you with some tips on maintaining your prized collection in the best of condition so that it is as good as the day you first bought it:

  • Wipe it Clean: Whenever you wear your jewelry for an occasion it is most likely that some amount of sweat and dust is likely to stick on. Make sure you wipe it with a soft cotton cloth before storing it away. This will help in preventing discoloration.
  • Settings Jewelry: The jewelry having stone settings or zircons should be wiped with a muslin cloth so that the prongs do not get pulled out and dislocate the stones.
  • Storage: Try to store the jewelry pieces separately instead of putting them all in one box. This will prevent discoloration, chipping, tangling etc.
  • Storage Mediums: Use soft pouches to store away your jewelry or alternately place them in zip lock pouches to ensure they keep dry and away from humidity.
  • Wear Occasionally: Costume jewelry is meant for those special occasions. Wearing them on a daily basis will make them look faded and discolored. To enjoy using them for a longer time, take off after each use and store properly.
  • Avoid Deodorants and Perfumes: Make sure that while spraying perfumes and deodorants none reaches the jewelry since it is a sure way of discoloration. Best would be to use these before wearing your pieces.

Ensuring that you maintain your jewelry in the best of condition will ensure good value for the money invested. While everyone knows that this jewelry is not meant to last a lifetime unlike the pure gold and silver ones, but you just might surprise yourself by being able to use it for decades if you store it properly