Tanning Bed Tips

A tanned body looks gorgeous, more toned, and is better at hiding imperfections. But, with the risk of skin cancer being so high, you might want to be very careful on how you get the tan. Also, remember to first analyze the type of skin you have. This will help you determine the level of tanning you can take, the amount of time you can stay in the bed, and what kind of tanning lotion you need.

Most good tanning salons require you to fill a questionnaire. Fill them honestly, as it will help them know whether it is safe for you to tan. People with a family history of skin cancer or Type 1 skin are not allowed to use tanning beds or booths in many places.

Here are a few tips you may use to get a warm, bronzed skin tone and stay safe.

Before Reaching the Salon

To make sure you do not burn your skin and get the maximum effect that lasts long, remember the following:

✲ Shave or Wax: It is best to shave one day before, or wax two days before you plan to use the tanning bed to help it last longer.

✲ Build a Pre-tan: If you are tanning for the first time or after a long gap, tan in short sessions to ‘build up’ a tan over a few days. This will help your skin to produce melanin gradually and minimize the risk of burning.

✲ Plan Ahead: It takes around a day for the tan to show, so if you are tanning for an event, say a party or prom, then get to the tanning bed at least a day in advance.

Before the Tan

To get a nice, even tan, follow these simple tips right before you step into the tanning booth or bed.

✲ Exfoliate: Massage the skin gently with a scrub, to remove the dead skin; pay particular attention to your elbows and knees. Follow with a warm shower to remove any cosmetics or perfumes. Use a mild, clear soap or bathing gel for the shower.

✲ Moisturize: Use a light body lotion after the shower, especially in delicate areas, like the breasts and buttocks. Don’t use a heavy moisturizer, as it might clog the pores.

✲ Apply Indoor Tanning Lotions: Outdoor tanning lotions are different from those made specifically for tanning beds. Apply the lotion in light, circular movements to avoid patchiness and protect your skin.