Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry, as the name suggests, is meant to suit the costumes a customer owns. Originally costume jewellery was made with cheap gemstones and metals but as the popularity and usage has grown the metals and material being used is of high quality and is quite expensive. The direct result of this ever increasing demand has resulted in a large number of manufacturers and Wholesale Costume Jewelry suppliers.

 Every retailer tries to keep their stocks updated both in terms of trends and the range of products available to ensure that the customers remain constant and loyal to their retail outlet. In such a scenario finding the best of Wholesale Costume Jewelry suppliers is vitally important for the success of a business.

The price range is another area a retailer has to look for since customers can come from any strata of society. The best way forward will be to find a Wholesale Costume Jewelry supplier who has a combination of both high end and low end jewelry. The High end jewelry collection may be made out of crystals, zircons that look like diamonds, and some semi-precious stones. These may be set in metals like gold- or silver-plated brass or sterling silver. The Lower-priced jewelry may still use gold plating over nickel or other metals and some pieces may have plastic, acrylic, leather or wood. This will go a long way in ensuring that all the customers that walk in find something they like and do not walk out empty handed.

Costume jewelry has made it possible for everyone to afford jewelry in some form or the other. With the coming in of the high end computerized machines, it has been possible to copy the most complicated of designs and convert them into pieces which look as good as real. The manufactured gemstones in beautiful cuts and colors can match the colors of every dress a person owns.

Following is the list of costume jewelry options for the hand that a retailer can display in his shop to attract the customers:

  • Bangles: This is one accessory that every woman can vouch for, especially popular in India and considered a vital part of a married woman’s must haves.  The range of bangles available may include the traditional gold plated brass flat ones to the ones studded with zircons, kundan, polki or gemstones. While some may have embossed designs the others may have mina work and may be set in acrylic.
  • Bracelets: These may range from the stretchable ones made of different color beads to the ones set in metal with semi precious stones, zircons, kundan, and polki. These may typically have clips to split them open so that they fit different wrist sizes. There are slap on bracelets and ones with stones embedded on chains.
  • Rings: This is an accessory which is worn almost on a daily basis by all women. Having a range both in sterling silver and in gold plating is a must for every retailer as is the need to have both the traditional and modern ones. Whether they are single stud rings or combination rings with multiple color stones and design settings, whether the rings are delicate ones or the bulky and large ones they are always in demand.

The right mix and range of accessories for adorning the hand is something a retailer must always provide for to ensure an ever increasing customer base.